Heavy-current Electrical Engineering

Delivering any stage of design documentation for

Railway transport

  • Transformer stations 22/0.4kV and 6/0.4kV
  • 6kV supply systems for track interlocking systems
  • Supply systems for track interlocking systems from traction mains
  • Train set electric pre-heating technology, electric points heating, remote control of traction mains section disconnectors
  • Heavy-current distribution lines, branch lines and relocation of high or low voltage lines and lighting lines at railway stations, railway stops, sidings, and railway premises
  • Electrical installations for station buildings and other structures serving railway traffic

Other industries

  • Cable and suspended ducts, networks, high or low voltage branch lines and relocations
  • Transformer stations 22/0.4kV
  • Industrial distribution lines and installations, high or low voltage electric devices
  • Wiring in residential buildings, detached houses and attachments
  • Wiring in buildings for services and administration
  • Road and pedestrian zone public lighting
  • Computing illuminance of outside or inside premises allowing for daylight (combined lighting)